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The purpose of this course is to acquaint our compatriots living abroad with the depths and beauties of our native language. We are strong together! We take this power from our mother tongue! Let’s have the mother tongue of our motherland, kneaded with the blood of our martyrs, in the most worthy way!


Completing this course will help you to earn Azerbaijani History, know about Prominent Historical Figures, discover the culture of Azerbaijan. This course is designed for children but anyone who is interested in History of Azerbaijan is more than welcome to join.


This is a well-structured and systematic course for those who have never painted before or would like to reassess their approach to painting. Working through a series of exercises you will learn basic techniques and will be introduced to the following media: charcoal, pastel, acrylic, watercolour and pencil drawing.


Completing this course will help you to learn singing - the best technique for language development, music theory (familiarization with the piano instrument, spelling musical notes, etc.). Also Piano lessons (piano playing skills and its further stage-by-stage development) will be covered too.

Art classes will take place Tuesdays at 5:30pm UK time

Azerbaijani Music classes will take place Wednesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 7pm UK time

Azerbaijani Language classes will take place Fridays at 5:30pm UK time

Azerbaijani History classes will take place Sundays at 10am UK time


Most frequent questions and answers

Classes are free for all.

Students need to have a computer or a mobile phone, coloured pens, exercise book. Students who would like to learn piano are required to purchase the instrument.

 In order to participate in classes, you must contact us using the relevant page on our website.

Children from age 5 can join the classes.

Students need Zoom programme for music and drawing/painting lessons, www.gotomeeting.com for Azerbaijani language and History lessons. You will need an ID to for Gotomeeting classes, this will be provided to registered students only.

Each lesson will last an hour.

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