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The British Azerbaijani Community (BAC) has launched the first live online Karabakh School in the UK. This co-operates with the ,Uppumatu in Tallinn, Estonia, owned by ILGIN KANAT which is committed to providing us with experts in their field, providing technology solutions.

We value our students, and our team of friendly professional staff aims to provide an inclusive education, promoting an excellent knowledge of the Azerbaijani language and to teach and educate our children about Azerbaijani heritage, culture, music and history. Furthermore, the Karabakh School seeks to provide an Azerbaijani identity-preserving environment.

The Karabakh School takes the responsibility for guiding students in becoming productive citizens of society at large, able to make valuable contributions to the Azerbaijani Community in the UK.

Our initial programme includes classes in art, Azerbaijani language, literature, history and music. The latter lessons are designed to teach each student not only music, but also to develop their language skills with a bespoke methodology. Music classes fully meet the requirements of the British educational system and children will be prepared to examination level.

At a later stage we aim to increase the number of classes to assist children with other subjects, such as mathematics.

Children from age of five will be accepted in classes.

In order to provide you with enough flexibility, taking into account the feedback we received from parents, we have decided to have classes on different days of the week to ensure that children are not under pressure to spend their entire day in front of a computer.

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All our Lessons last for one hour

Azerbaijani Language classes will take place Mondays at 6:00pm, Wednesdays at 6pm and Fridays at 5:30pm UK time via www.gotomeeting.com (please ask for passcode). Application is always free for attendees.


Azerbaijani History classes will take place Sundays at 10am UK time via www.gotomeeting.com (please ask for a passcode). Application is always free for attendees.


Art classes will take place Tuesdays at 5:30pm UK time and 6:30pm UK time via zoom


Azerbaijani Music classes will take place Wednesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 7pm UK time

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