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Azerbaijani Language

Azerbaijani Language and Literature

The purpose of this course is to acquaint our compatriots living abroad with the depths and beauties of our native language. We are strong together!

Tought by Ilaha Gasimzade – Azerbaijani Language and Literature teacher

5 lessons - 4:11 hours
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Azerbajani History

Azerbaijani and World History

Completing this course will help you to earn Azerbaijani History, know about Prominent Historical Figures, discover the culture of Azerbaijan.

Tought by Kamran Mahmudov - Azerbaijani and World History Teacher

5 lessons - 4:11 hours
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Art & Painting

Painting Classes

This is a well-structured and systematic course for those who have never painted before or would like to reassess their approach to painting.

Tought by Semra Panahova - Fine Arts and a degree from Chelsea College of Art and Design

5 lessons - 4:11 hours
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Music & Piano

Music and Piano Lessons

Completing this course will help you to learn singing - the best technique for language development, music theory (familiarization with the piano instrument, spelling musical notes, etc.).

Tought By Farziyeva Saadat - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) on Study of Art and Culture

5 lessons - 4:11 hours
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We provide Inclusive education to promote a better knowledge of the Azerbaijani language and to teach and educate our children about Azerbaijani heritage, culture, music, history and origins of Azerbaijanis and Azerbaijan. Karabakh School does not only teach the Azerbaijani language and culture, it also provides an Azerbaijani identity preserving environment.


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